AirdropHunter ⚡ allows you to receive airdrops in different web3 protocols.

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Start getting airdrops now! Received tokens can participate in the Governance platform.

Addresses DAPP: 50.000+

Posted transactions: 550.000+

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Why 🧐 exactly Airdrops?
Most Successful Protocols Do High-profile Marketing By Giving Away Project Tokens. The task of the service is to transfer these tokens to safe hands.
Cases in which tokens were obtained at an early stage: UNI, DYDX, Aptos, 1inch, Goldfinch and others.
The best projects give out an average of $300 000 000 before $1 000 000 000, at the same time, one account can receive up to $5 000!
Optimism gave away more than 200 million tokens for activity on the blockchain network, which is more than half a billion dollars at today's exchange rate.
dYdX issued 7.5% of the initial billion supply of tokens. The value of 75 million tokens is over $1 billion.
One of the most anticipated drops, which is also the largest, at the moment exceeded $ 1.5 billion.
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The further technology develops, the more new blockchains are born and the more new projects appear, ready to generously reward their first followers!

There are many large projects ahead that are potentially ready to give their tokens to an active community.

The service's efforts are aimed at in-depth research and analysis of projects, identifying the potential for receiving 'airdrops'. The service does not stop there and the team actively communicates with projects, disclosing all the details, providing the most complete information about the possibilities of obtaining it!
Developing a detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) and a sophisticated strategy that provides an unrivaled chance of a successful airdrop. In order to provide you with the best tools when using the platform!
Each solution created by an outstanding team of specialists is individually tailored to the developed strategy. The team is persistent in tailoring efforts to best fit your goals and prepare you in the best possible way to successfully participate in 'airdrops'. It's a Personal Approach to Success!
The service carries out a significant number of transactions and generates the volumes necessary to confirm all activities.
Loot received tokens and distribute them among subscribers!
Users with extensive knowledge of web3 get the opportunity to actively participate in project management through the platform.
Thanks to the platform Airdrop 😎 Hunter you have the option to prepare wallets for drops in just a few steps!
1. Step One. Select a project

Connect your wallet to a decentralized application AirdropHunter
Deposit to the platform and subscribe to the selected project.

Funds that you have deposited on the platform are used only for subscribing to accounts and are not subject to withdrawal from the platform!

2. Step Two. Initializing accounts and distributing replenished liquidity to accounts

Funds must be in your Metamask wallet to fund accounts.

The amount to replenish all wallets is placed in Initial actions → Cost Summary.

  • go to the product card
  • section "Initial actions"
  • sign transactions on point one
  • sign the transaction on point two

This transaction will allocate your funds to subscription accounts in the same way as sub-accounts OKX, Binance. After the end of the circle, the funds will be on your wallets minus the network commission required for the service to work.

3. Step three. Wallet storage

Download the JSON file and save it in a safe place on a cold drive or USB. Remember. You are responsible for keeping your JSON safe. Do not disclose or show your seed phrases to anyone.

4. Step Four. Service operation

After replenishing wallets with liquidity, you will see the inscription "Everything is fine. Expect a circle".

After that, the service will start its work, and opposite each step, as transactions are completed, links to the explorer will appear in the interface.

5. Step five. Transaction tracking status
  • Go to the signed product card
  • Click "Initial actions"
  • After "Details"

In the table you will see all transactions performed by the service with links to the explorer.

6. Step Six Waiting for work

The airdropped tokens will be claimed according to the principle of operation sub-accounts of OKX, Binance, when funds are initially collected on sub-accounts and only after that they go to the user's main wallet..

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7. Step Seven. Governance

Tokens received as a result of airdrops can participate in Governance projects.

Video review platform usage. 👍
AirdropHunter announces mobile application 🔥 with integrations
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